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Rene Spring for Morgan Hill City Council 2016
Dear residents and voters of Morgan Hill,
I am deeply honored and highly motivated by all those who encouraged me to run for a City Council seat in 2016!
We all believe that is time to turn a page and bring new leadership to town!
Morgan Hill has been my home for over twelve years.

For many years I have been deeply involved in our community as a Planning Commissioner and as a Board member of well-known local nonprofit organizations  such as Leadership Morgan Hill and the Morgan Hill Community Foundation, as well as on the Board (until August 2016) of the Mirasol of Morgan Hill HOA.

My experience has shown me that a new strong voice at City Council is required to better reflect the issues and priorities our residents have.

I firmly stand for slower, more responsible residential growth; one that promotes a fiscally sustainable community and does not overstretch our public services or lose valuable natural resources.

I opposed the City's annexation projects in the South Easy Quadrant (SEQ), and will continue doing as long we won't have a thought out plan in place for the entire SEQ .

I fought sub-urban sprawl projects such as the Oak Meadows project to protect  the beauty of our town and its surroundings.

The creation of well-paying tech jobs for residents is another priority for me. We need to retain our valuable Industrial land for such uses. Being employed in the tech industry, I am well positioned to help promote Morgan Hill as a great place to locate such companies here.

I want to improve our planning of neighborhoods, making them more safe and friendly for all ages, and accessible for a variety of income levels.

I support a safe, family and pedestrian friendly vibrant Downtown, and term limits for council members.

As an independent experienced community leader, I will continue to build bridges to foster positive change.

We are running our campaign independently and not affiliated with any other local campaign!
If you live here in Morgan Hill and have not yet done it, register to vote.  It’s easy; you can get the forms online or at the City Clerk’s office:   http://www.morgan-hill.ca.gov/593/Registering-to-Vote
We’d love to have you support us; why not join our campaign today?
I am committed to working hard to win your trust, vote and to be your strong voice on our City Council.
And, I have to tell you, your support means the world to me!

I respectfully ask you for your vote!

Rene Spring
We appreciate YOUR support for our independent campaign for Change in Morgan Hill!
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Spring for Council 2016
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Thank you.

SPRING FOR COUNCIL 2016 (ID# 1380457)

My pledge to You:
Our campaign will NOT accept any money or other donations from building companies and building developers!

Rene Spring for Morgan Hill City Council 2016

Spring for City Council

The Change We Need. The Voice You Deserve.