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Rene Spring for Morgan Hill City Council 2016

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 I moved to the Bay Area in March 1998 from my native Switzerland. 
I grew up in a very rural beautiful area in the Swiss Alps during my first few years, before I lived for many years in Berne and Zurich.
I'm the youngest of 3 children. My mother’s father was a farmer; my father's dad was a handyman. My mom raised the three of us as single mom for most of our lives, working as waitress, retail clerk and house cleaner. Laws in Switzerland back then were tough on single mothers, and the three of us spent several years in an orphanages and/or foster care, as she had to work full-time to be able to support us. Money was always tight in those years.  We were taught to work hard, to be self-reliant and to be kind to people. I have not and will never forget my roots.  I know how it is to live paycheck to paycheck as my mom had to.  I’m happy to say she's retired now and the rock of our family!
Thanks to a wonderful free education system in Switzerland, I had the opportunity to go to good schools and to get a degree in Computer Science. I found my dream job working for software companies early in my career. Many years later, I still love my job and am working now as Director of Program Management for Cadence Design Systems in San Jose, where I have been since 2001.
I speak several European languages (Swiss German, German, French, English and some Italian. I'm working on my Spanish skills, too).
The day I beame a US citizen was one of the happiest of my life as it was a dream come true for me!
I met Mark, who quickly became my best friend, then treasured husband, the year I moved to California. He brought 3 wonderful kids to our family. For them, I'm simply 'Rene'. For our 3 grandkids, I'm simply 'Opa’. For our 3 rescue cats, I’m the source of food and who knows what else. They have been living with us since we moved to Morgan Hill in 2004 from South San Jose. I admit I am a huge animal lover and care deeply about them.
I love the arts. My husband Mark is a mail carrier by day and an artist by night, one of the things that drew me to him.  We love to travel and have been to many countries over the years.
Most of all, we love spending time here in town with our family and friends! You often will find us shopping, dining, or walking in town!
I love our town and its surroundings, we often take pictures of places where we go walking. Back in the spring of 2013, I created a Facebook page called "It's Ours. Our Morgan Hill." and started sharing photos of our city and its scenery. Since then, over 19,000 other Morgan Hill lovers have signed up to follow the page and to stay informed about what’s happening here. What started out as a small fun project turned into a hugely popular site promoting the beauty of our area as well as enabling non-profits in town to post events and information at no cost.
I love Morgan Hill and have been a very active community member since we moved to Morgan Hill in 2004.
In June of 2012 (and then again in 2014), I was appointed by our City Council to the Planning Commission , and enjoy serving our community in that role. I was honored to Chair the Commission during an unbelievably challenging year from 2014-2015.  During that time the Commission had many long meetings to discuss major topics such as amendments to the General Plan, the Southeast Quadrant (SEQ) planning as well as Oak Meadows.  There were a variety of other projects that I’d love to share with you as well if you’re interested.
I'm extremely passionate about land use policies; being able to help shape our General Plan Update, make decisions related to our RDCS system (Residential Development Control System), and to be a strong voice for those who’d like to protect our green belt, gorgeous views and agricultural lands. I’d like to have a hand in preventing the conversion of very valuable industrial land to residential property. I’d often find myself being a lone voice on the Commission - or at least in the minority - resisting the pressure to cave in to the builders and developers. I have a clear track record of voting against projects that would lead to suburban/urban sprawl. I am very encouraged to know that my vision of our city is supported by many in our community. I will keep raising my voice for what I believe in and hope you will join me as well!
Eventually, I realized that all the major decisions were being made by the majority of the Council, who rarely considered what the residents of our town considered to be important. That’s why I’ve decided to run for the Council. Let’s take the first step toward changing that. I will listen, and I can be that voice for you!
In 2011, after having read about a wonderful class project of that year's Leadership Morgan Hill Class, I applied for and was accepted to the following class. It was an amazing experience, which taught me so much about our community and provided me with a wonderful network of people living and working here as well as several life-time friends.
After I finished the 2012 Leadership Morgan Hill Class, I was invited to join the Board of Leadership Morgan Hill . I'm very proud of my time served on the Board, especially during my tenure as President in 2014-2015. LMH had its most successful year ever helping our community during that time.
Since the fall of 2012, I have also been on the Board of Directors of the Morgan Hill Community Foundation (currently as its Vice President) and very much enjoy doing so. Every day I live by 'giving, where I live", and proudly work for and support this wonderful organization that does so much good work here in town.
For a few years now, I also have been actively supporting the neighborhood we live in as Director of the Mirasol of Morgan Hill HOA.
I often volunteer my time to help out at local events such as Taste of Morgan Hill, Mushroom Mardi Grass, Cops & Robbers Ball, July 4th activities, "Rock the Mock", and "Arts a la Carte".
I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I'm Morgan Hill's biggest fan! I really am!
Rene Spring for Morgan Hill City Council 2016