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Provide Affordable housing
Morgan Hill has always been a family-friendly town.  We need to find a way to add affordable housing for families, teachers, firefighters and police officers as well as young professionals and our seniors.  Let's plan for neighborhoods where all can live together, with schools, stores and work places close by.
Morgan Hill also should also be thoughtful in recognizing the urgent need for more affordable housing while preserving land slated for commercial development. This delicate balance can be achieved through well-planned, mixed-use projects that provide housing as well as job opportunities

Plan smart - Slow down!
My supporters and I believe that we are growing much too fast, and that we are at risk of losing the small town, rural character of Morgan Hill that makes it such a wonderful place to live.

We need to band together to change that before it’s too late.

I firmly stand for slower, more responsible residential growth; one that promotes a fiscally sustainable community and does not overstretch our public services or lose valuable natural resources.

Our greenbelts, spectacular views, and agricultural land are at risk of being lost to out of control development.  We need to find a way to preserve them before they’re gone forever, and plan for a green, sustainable town.
The last recessionary years should have taught us to be more cautious about rampant growth and its consequences.  We need to plan smarter and go slower. Therefore, I am proposing a lower responsibile population growth target of 1%  (max) year-over-year between 2020-2035. This is about half of the current growth. 
Such planning also will help to ensure that our wonderful City can keep up with its infrastructure, its services and schools.

As Planning Commissioner I opposed major annexation projects such as the Oak Meadows project, and the South East Quadrant (SEQ) annexation projects that would have led to unnessecary sprawl .  I advocated for a more holistic plan for the entire SEQ as well as strong agricultural (mitigation) program.

How would we pay for the AG mitigation program as land prices will accelerate to rise once annexations of land will happen? What would be impacts on traffic, schools, city services and water conservation? I believe that we can do better than the City proposed.

Together, with the City, the county and landowners, as well as other interested groups and agencies, we can work out a better and more innovative plan! 

We need well-paying Tech jobs here in town!
We need more well-paying local jobs to enable residents towork int he community and to reduce the number of daily out-of-town commuters (helping to decrease vehicle miles traveled).
Our industrial land is key to incentivize more companies to locate in Morgan Hill to provide those local, well-paying jobs.

I work for a global Tech comany in the Silicon Valley. I understand their needs. I will work hard - together with other community leaders - to foster the creation of well-paying jobs for our residents, so that fewer will have to commute every day.

A family friendly vibrant downtown

Our downtown area is the true heart of Morgan Hill.  We need to make it even more family friendly and safer. We need to make it a priority that we improve cross-walks and pedestrian safety, 
We need to ensure that its beauty gets preserved. Most of us have been to Campbell and to Mtn. View and experienced the wonderful ambiance of a pedestrian friendly avenue. We are well on our way to creating this with all of the controlled growth and change that’s already been started.  But we need to make sure we don’t lose the special atmosphere of our town.

Let's discuss my vision to create the Morgan Hill plaza downtown during the weekend, possibly with a temporary no traffic area,  where we as community can meet, eat and drink outside, with a wonderful mix of cultural activities, live music, specialty shops and artist studios close by, and street musicians entertaining us!

Let's bring a touch of Europe to town!
And while we’re at it, entice new business downtown and keep our community building small businesses downtown!

We need great schools!
Our children are our future. We have to increase the investment in our schools.  That means supporting our teachers and school staff, as well as listening to parents.  Working together, we can create the best schools, opportunities and choices for our children!

A safe city - governed smartly
We need to ensure that all of us live in a safe town and to provide the best city services we can. 

Let's make use of new smart technology available to local governments that allow residents to more easily make use of certain City services (such as special apps) and to improve communication from the City to its residents!

Domestic and Wild Animal Protection
We need to care for our domestic and wild animals and provide shelter, habitat and care.  I am a very passionate animal lover and strong advocate for animal protection.  We need to support the local charitable organizations who do such a wonderful job in our area!
I want our city to explore means to improve the current shelter situation and support by animal control officers. Our furry friends are residents, too, and deserve our help, especially when in need.

Inclusive, age friendly neighborhood planning 

Many of our neighborhoods are auto-centric and not child or pedestrian friendly. We need to improve planning of our neighborhoods with much higher focus on child and senior safety and mobility as well as affordability.

Where kids play, traffic needs to get slowed down.

We need to do a better job to plan traffic flows in neighborhoods and to slow down traffic to keep everyone safe, especially our children playing outside!

We need to improve the safety of those needing to cross streets to get onto/get off a busses!

And, we need ensure that all can cross our busy streets connecting neighborhoods in a safe manner!

Term limits
I'm a strong proponent of term-limits of elected and appointed officials. 2 4-year terms for City Council member or 2 2-year terms for Mayor are reasonable terms!

We should consider such term-limits for Mayor and City Council members in Morgan Hill and seek voter-approval on this question.

“In free governments, the rulers are the servants, and the people their superiors . . . . For the former to return among the latter does not degrade, but promote them.”. B. Franklin

Rene Spring for Morgan Hill City Council 2016

Spring for City Council

The Change We Need. The Voice You Deserve.